Q: How many blocks do I need?
A: Comes down to the size of your boards, how many you have and how often you are using them. As a longboarder i wax up the whole tank, and go through a block of top coat every 4 surfs.
Q: Can I mix brands?
A: Yes you can like a kid in a candy store.
Q: Can i have more than one subscription at the same time?
A: Yes you can you greedy little wax piglet
Q: When can i expect my order?
A: As soon as everything is processed we will endeavour to get it on the courier the next day. And it will leave on that same date of the next delivery month that you have chosen. Unless its a weekend or a public holiday then it will be the next working day
Q: Can I change my wax flavour combination?
A: Yes, there is no issues at all, just log in to your account and make the adjustments as often as you would like
Q: Can i change the frequency of delivery?
A: Yes, of course you can, just log in and change the frequency of delivery.
Q: When will my card be charged?
A: You'll be charged on the date selected and then when its time to send the next 4 blocks to you, you will be charged the day before it is sent